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These are a compilation of stories, scripts, essays, how-to guides, and letters I've written. Here it is, published independently. Hope you enjoy :)
Most recent stories are first, at the top of the list, and older ones at the bottom. Any stories proceeded with an asterisk [*] contain profanity. Stories followed by an [IMG] contain an image. The stories may also be rated on a scale from 1 - 10. (1 is the worst and 10 is the best).
.: Index
Autumn Poem
Hack of Shame
Breaking Bread [IMG]
Faith Wars
Homeo and Juliet
2014 In a Nutshell
New Political Model
Dispendables - Second Sequel (pdf)
Essai du pouvoir absolu
The Beginning
Bond in Syria
Frank's Drug Song
Nearly Impossible Quiz
We Don't Need Superheroes as Idols
Retracing Walden Pond
How Facebook Can Be a Profitable Corporation to Stockholders
Aliens Landed [*]
White People [*] [IMG]
The Racebender
Welcome to Bangkok [*]
Introductions [*]
No Respect
Feed the Caterpillars [IMG]
My Love
Modern Cowboys
A Tale of One City
Assassination Attempt
Seeking Medici Banker [IMG]
The First Dragon
Death of Socrates
Nostradamus' Lost Predictions
How to Get Ripped Fast and Lose Weight
Marshall Mathers Pronounced Dead
Presentation [IMG]
A Bank Loan [IMG]
The Feud
En la Iglesia [IMG]
Old No. 7 [*] [IMG]
A Sojourn to the Club [IMG]
Condom Bandits
Observations [IMG]
Booty Call [IMG]
Learning English with Don Juan [IMG]
Wouldn't it be funny if?
New Patient at the Hospital
Corporate Dishonesty
Psychotic Schizophrenia
New Trivial Pursuit
The Foulest Word in the English Language [*]
The Dungeon Library
Trip to the Dive Bar [*]
Battling Depression
Suicide Hotline
Highschool Reunion
A Gentleman Argument
The End of the World
Power [IMG]
Bill And Ted's Bogus Adventure [*]
At The End of a Shopping Mall
The Guide to End All Player's Guides
Fisher of Hot Chicks
Two Weeks Notice
Alan and the Wench [*]
Hard Work
Typical Martial Arts Salesman
Angry Teacher
News Flash
Catch Up [*] [IMG]
The Day without Math
Phone Call
Three Weeks Before [*]
Numero Uno
Surreal Bootcamp
Language Barrier
I Really Give A Fuck [*] [IMG]
Coffee Room Study [IMG]
Significant Other Equation
On Subject of Witches
Art of War
Title Not Included
Marine Gym Teacher [IMG]
The Law [IMG]
Mayor East [IMG]
How To Be A Wigga
Fun Things To Do When You're Bored
Sex Class
Two Teef
Yakkity Yak, Don't Talk back
Dance Dance Generation
The Dating Game
Hick Test
Problematic Issues Made Personal [IMG]
How To Make Millions Fast [IMG]
The Ultimate Punishment [IMG]
Willy Loman's First Day [IMG]
The Car Race [IMG]
Blind Date Parody [*]
The Geek Who Wore Clothes [IMG]
How To Create Your Very Own Romance Novel [IMG]
You Only Get One Introduction
At A Bar
After School [IMG]
Getting Into Trouble [IMG]
Jesus [IMG]
Wrong, You Idiot [IMG]
Job Interview [IMG]
Super-size Me [IMG]
The Ham Sandwich of Doom [*] [IMG]
D For Me, D For You [*] [IMG]

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