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:. May 26, 2018

No updates for awhile. I haven't been into posting or creating comics lately. While for several years I enjoyed creating silly comics to share, I've come to appreciate more serious works of art and don't necessarily want to continue funnies.

What's always appealed to me about paintings and realism is their attention to detail. I like how they are able to capture a setting and scene as if you are there looking at it. This means mastering the correct colors, mixing colors, getting light and darkness correct, understanding shapes, the ability to use brushes to get very fine strokes, and getting amount of paint for each section properly.

I was reviewing Rembrandt, Michelangelo (de Caravaggio), Raphael, Ruben, and others. I think with anything, practice and practice makes it possible for a good painting, or sculpture, or whatever. But hyper-realism is too detailed for me. That's where the image looks about 99% similar to a real HD-photograph with billions of pixels. But getting to a point where a painting is 70-75% similar to a low-resolution photograph; I think then I could be proud of something like that.

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