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:. January 28, 2018

The second millennium, or 2018 as I'm reminded by my calendar. My resolutions have been challenging to attain. One, what's the point of maintaining this .COM when there are so many competitors?

As a company, it's difficult to stay on-track with monthly goals. At least one new comic. One new article. Before, it was accomplished. A few years I published more than 12 comics, or stories. Finding out, how I did it could be a good reminder to keep me on track. It's so easy to lose focus, as an admin. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook all should be more easy to comment in, but sociopaths...it's like a road to failure.

My limit of bandwidth has been capped from 100 MB/mo to less than 100 KB/day. So you can see as an admin how it can be hard to keep the momentum online.

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