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This site contains free online comics, funny short stories, tragedies, horror, and comedy. Click the comics link to check out the funny comics sorted by most recent date created. The most recent stories are on top. The content is regularly updated with new comics and stories. This site is intended for adults who enjoy hilarious content. Currently, there is over 200 comic panels and 85 short stories. Bookmark this site. If you love college/mature humor then you are bound to get a giggle out of this site. Enjoy!

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February 17, 2017
The new intern I hired doesn't seem to be too different than the last one. She's been going on tirades on my Twitter account. I told her to only post about issues related to this website, the artwork and short stories, or if any new publications are online. I found her on some website I don't even remember the name, she begged me to help her she said the only work she can get is as a cam girl so s (read more)
February 05, 2017
I'm looking for a new apprentice, or some volunteers, or employees willing to build their resúme. Unfortunately, my previous contractors raised their rates to a price I can no longer afford. If you would be interested to be hired please send your current resume, or portfolio to my email via this web site to be considered. Thank you.
January 30, 2017

I've been meaning to follow-up with my most recent comic with another comic defending the police. I don't want anyone to get an idea that I think all law enforcement is bad. Like most people I don't like receiving tickets or fines, and after reading some news articles in 2015-16 I'm uncertain whether the criminal was reaching for the gun of the police officer, or the police officer was a little (read more)

December 14, 2016
Well, I heard back from the Soviet intern. He was forced into exile back to Russia from his family. He actually had an illegal passport, but was still conjuring up on trying to get revenge. I don't know if he'll ever forget about it. I told him just get a boyfriend or something and admit you're gay. But he doesn't listen to his employer, saying I'm not looking out for his best interest. It's no wo (read more)
December 02, 2016
Just a few minutes left in the day and posted a Star Wars comic like I promised. I had browsed through my comics and had recently posted a Star Wars comic about Yoda and even briefly covered the populist election candidate, but I had no idea he would win the primaries or the entire thing.
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