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This site contains free online comics, funny short stories, tragedies, horror, and comedy. Click the comics link to check out the funny comics sorted by most recent date created. The most recent stories are on top. The content is regularly updated with new comics and stories. This site is intended for adults who enjoy hilarious content. Currently, there is over 200 comic panels and 85 short stories. Bookmark this site. If you love college/mature humor then you are bound to get a giggle out of this site. Enjoy!

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May 04, 2016
I saw Larry Wilmore's speech at the White House correspondence dinner and it inspired me to write hundreds of black jokes, which I promptly stuffed into the racist vault, never to be re-opened. Probably every joke has some bigotry in it except for that one guy who thinks he's funny by telling overly polite politically correct jokes that people laugh at just to be nice, but really no one is surpris (read more)
January 15, 2016
I think I'm going to complete my short story, or mini-tale, as they are also called I have written about Mexica, or what is now known as 'Mexico'; the x is silent here like many of the old Aztec/Mayan vowel pronunciations before I finish the other I had started. More bad news down that way in the continuing guerra en drogas. As far as we all know the opponent, drugs, has consistently won the battl (read more)
December 21, 2015
My logo was created by theodoreboyer.com in exchange for some website work I did for him. He was educated as an artist in Switzerland and New York.
December 14, 2015
New comic up in response to the hype of the upcoming Star Wars movie release this Friday. #359
November 26, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving visitors! Dcomics is under new management. The new team was considering removing a few short stories and comics that were deemed offensive, but the short stories are marked accordingly so were kept online.
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