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This site contains free online comics, funny short stories, tragedies, horror, and comedy. Click the comics link to check out the funny comics sorted by most recent date created. The most recent stories are on top. The content is regularly updated with new comics and stories. This site is intended for adults who enjoy hilarious content. Currently, there is over 200 comic panels and 85 short stories. Bookmark this site. If you love college/mature humor then you are bound to get a giggle out of this site. Enjoy!

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December 02, 2016
Just a few minutes left in the day and posted a Star Wars comic like I promised. I had browsed through my comics and had recently posted a Star Wars comic about Yoda and even briefly covered the populist election candidate, but I had no idea he would win the primaries or the entire thing.
November 27, 2016
My only ambition for this website is to get a comic up about Star Wars before the December 16 release date. Endless acclaim for this multi-billion dollar movie, franchise, and merchandising company.
November 10, 2016
Uploaded a comic I've been working on for awhile, #362. Going to upload one about the election results in the next few days. So check back.
October 24, 2016
We regret to inform the viewers of this website, that deep security flaws in password-protection techniques with compromised e-mail storage and management has caused angry hackers to gain privileges in the social media accounts connected to this website. While, not all views expressed by the social media publicists are shared by the team of divinecomics.com and its subsidiaries, it's unfortunate t (read more)
September 20, 2016
I read online that Weird Al asks for permission before parodying most of his creative work. This kind of bothered me and I thought I should mention it. First off, I'm a Weird Al fan and like his music even if he decided to play the accordion. I think if someone made every precaution there's bound to still be someone unhappy. Perhaps they feel they deserve not only be asked before being made fun of (read more)
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